Commissioned Oil Portraits

Portrait artist Michael Meyer creates classical custom oil portrait paintings on a commissioned basis. His superb draftsmanship and realistic style have developed over 40 years of professional work. He trained under a predominate, Chicago based portrait artist, Richard Halstaed and teaches portrait painting.

Michael strives to capture the subject's personality, therefore he prefers to meet with them to take his own photos.  Portraits are painted in oil on stretched linen. Once completed high quality prints can be made at additional cost. Framing is also not included in the prices below.

Oil portraits offered in the following standard sizes. Prices are based on one subject bust. Full figures or multiple figures will be negotiated.

11 X 14 $1495
16 X 20 $1895
18 X 24 $2095
36 X 24 $2595

Additional Ciclee prints, mounted on canvas
are available at $75 each.

Email for details

Satisfaction Guaranteed