If you don't want to pay for an Original,
a giclee print is a great alternative.

Prints can be made of almost any of my paintings. Contact me by email with the name of the painting you have in mind at mike@meyersart.com.

Giclee Printing

Giclee Prints have become the standard printing method since the age of digital. They are produced on professional 8-color to 12-color ink jet printers with archival inks.

The advantages are:

  • They have much wider color gamit that can be almost an exact match with the original. They are therefore much better that traditional litho, silver-halide, or metal based printing methods.
  • One-off prints can be easily produced on demand.
  • They can be made at various sizes.
  • Oil paintings can be printed on stretched canvas and finished so they can be displayed like an oil painting (without glass).

Limited Editions

Traditional printing methods had to be done all at once, which means the artist had to commit to a run amount ahead of time. These were referred to as editions and where usually numbered to reflect the edition amount, thus creating a limited edition sense of value. This isn't the case with Ciclee. If Giclee has a number that is the artist's commitment that he/she will only run that many prints. Most of us are not in markets that demand a lot of prints on any one work, so by default there is a small number of prints that will actually be created.


The bottom line is if you are interested in purchasing a print of one of my paintings contact me by email and I will let you know the pricing.


Email for details