Michael Meyer Fine Artist

I appreciate your interest in my work. Many of the original paintings displayed on this site are available for sale. Giclee prints are also available. If you would like more information you are welcome to contact me by e-mail or phone.



My work can be seen at:
The Watermelon Gallery
12220 Hwy 14 N
Cedar Crest, NM


Teaching Drawing at
New Mexico Workshop

Recent Awards

2012 Enchantada Exhibit

  • Award of Excellence
  • People's Choice Award

2012 PAPNM Annual Juried Exhibition:

  • Sponsor Award

2008 Fountain on the Square (Evanston)

  • 1st Place in Painting

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Artist Background

While growing up in St. Louis, I began drawing after a second grade class assignment awakened my innate artistic abilities. My new interest in art was soon reinforced with a John Gnay drawing set for Christmas. (John Gnay was one of the first TV artists in the '50s) I have since had many influential experiences, but very little formal training. I have primarily taught myself to draw and paint by observing the world around me, along with the work of more accomplished artists. I do credit several of my high school and college teachers for providing direction in those early years.

During high school I won first place each year at the annual shows, and I was awarded the Senior Art Award at graduation. I majored in art education at Southeast Missouri State University and graduated with a degree in Art Education. After college, I tried various commercial art jobs that led to several Art Director positions. At the same time, I did freelance illustrations, on the side, for advertising agencies, magazines and companies such as Hallmark.

I started my work career in advertising art departments however, I was soon promoted to Art Director, then Production Manager, followed by VP of Production for a publishing company in St. Louis. This was somewhat of a crossroad for me. At 28 years old, with a recent marriage and a new son, I decided to follow the steady pay check into a management career. During the next thirty plus years, I held a series of senior management positions in the publishing industry, which resulted in relocating to Kansas City, Toronto and Chicago. Although, my work career was far afield from the art world, I continued to paint at every opportunity and would occasionally show my work at art shows and galleries.

In 2005, I decided to take a portrait painting class taught by Richard Halstead, a renowned portrait artist. I thought one class was all I needed to hone my portrait skills, but I continued to attend his classes over the next 3 years. Richard provided me with many insights that helped elevate my skills.

One of my challenges has always been to limit the amount of detail I tend to include, so as an attempt to loosen up my style, I became involved in plein air painting with the Chicago Plein Air Painters. In 2009, I took a plein air workshop with Scott Tallman Powers, who is one of the best plein air painters I have seen. I recommend that you take a look at Scott's work: http://scottpowersfineart.com/

In 2010, my wife Beth, and I moved from Chicago to New Mexico where we purchased a small publishing business. This new venture should provide more time to paint and a wealth of inspiring surroundings. I have always loved the history, land, and people in the area and look forward to continuing my growth as an artist in this new environment.


Interesting faces and the human form have always inspired my work, however, in recent years I have also focused more on landscape subjects. Painting on location is energizing and challenging. The results are typically finished in my studio. I have also spent more time with oils recently, but still like to return to watercolor. Although each requires a different approach and skill set, I find one helps me with the other.

I love to paint the human face and form. I am especially drawn to the rugged, lined faces that offer a glimpse into an interesting life. I also enjoy depicting the beauty and grace of a young woman. I try to find subjects that have a lot of character; someone you would be compelled to observe if they walked by. Perhaps their face tells a story in itself.

I painted fantasy subjects in the 70's & 80's. I still have ideas that could turn into new fantasy works at some point.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you would like to be on our mailing list: mike@meyersart.com.